Talking Survey™

Talking Survey, healthcare, low-literacy, multilingual, tabletTalking Survey™ is an easy to use, tablet-based tool for gathering health information from individuals in clinical and community settings and for delivering health education information tailored to the literacy, language and health needs of individual patients.


Efficient and Easy to Use

Talking Survey™ uses a touch screen android-based tablet and disposable ear buds to allow patients to “hear” survey questions and then respond using the touch screen. It is appropriate for use with anyone, but is particularly well suited for use with patients who do not speak the dominate language or who have low literacy levels.

Talking Survey™ reads the questions to patients in their language of choice and allows them to complete surveys with minimal staff time and support.

After completing a survey, patient responses are transmitted through a secure HIPAA compliant system to your staff for printing, or transmitted directly into your practice’s Electronic Health Record.  In addition, data are also stored on a secure server for later use in a secure and HIPAA compliant system.

You can use a single tablet, or purchase multiple tablets so you can provide them to all patients in your waiting room.

Talking Survey, healthcare, low-literacy, multilingual, tabletDeliver Individualized Electronic Health Education

Built into Talking Surveys™ is Tablet Health Coach™, a platform for delivering individualized electronic health education to your patients in your waiting room, exam room or post visit.  Tablet Health Coach™ can be programed to launch education videos based on patient responses to survey items, or practice and provider requirements. Patients can view the videos and electronically transmit the URL to their email and others for future viewing at home with family or friends.  TS tracks the health education delivered to your patients and records this in your EHR.

Advantages of Talking Survey

  • Efficiently and easily conduct questionnaires with your patients in the waiting room, exam room or community environments
  • Use TS to conduct common surveys such as Health Risk Appraisals, Initial Heath Assesment Surveys, and patient satisfaction surveys, and to complete screeners for conditions like COPD, ADHD and depression
  • Wirelessly transmit this information to your EHR for use at point of care
  • Provide electronic health education to patients in your waiting room tailored to their specific needs and interests
  • Automatically populate and transmit patient information forms to external agencies
  • Collect patient information in multiple languages
  • Provide patients with low literacy levels privacy in completing questionnaires
  • Eliminate cost of printing and stocking paper questionnaires
  • Reduce staff time needed to administer routine surveys and questionnaires